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a·poth·e·car·ies Abbr. ap. One that prepares and sells drugs and other medicines; a pharmacist.

We Specialize In

A personal approach to your needs. Besides the traditional medicines we provide compounding medicines for your family and pets

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement
(consultation is available)

Over the counter medications available

Vaccinations coming this Fall. Flu, Shingles, MMR’s, etc

One of the unique aspects of our pharmacy is that we work with patients and doctors to customize drug dosages. For instance, if a prescription for a child’s medicine is only available in pill form, we will compound the chemicals into a liquid form to make it easier for the child to take. Besides our compound specialty, we also offer bio-identical hormone replacement for women. We will soon be offering delivery service.

Transferring your prescriptions is easy – just call us at 831-422-5988

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